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Gizmo is a set of utilities to enhance your Windows system
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Gizmo is a set of utilities to enhance your Windows system. It includes a set of extensions for your operating system that will ease some common tasks. You will be able to launch those utilities by using the toolbar that it installs, or the Gizmo Manager, that you will find as an icon in your system tray. Some features will become part of your operating system – you will not need to launch them.

The whole suite of tools is integrated under the so-called Gizmo Central, which covers five feature-rich applications. Gizmo Drive will let you create ISO images from your discs (CD or DVD), or burn previously created images or folders to disc. It will also allow you to mount those ISO or encrypted images as virtual drives. Gizmo Database will let you easily connect to ODBC and OLE DB compliant databases, as well as to query and analyze them, including full support MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, and Microsoft SQL Server. With Gizmo Hasher you will be able to calculate hash values for your files, folders, and drives (through the Gizmo Village Wizard System). Gizmo Script will let you create macros to automate tasks that you usually perform using your mouse and keyboard. You can customize the toolbar to launch the programs you prefer. Finally, Gizmo Editor will let you create and edit XML, HTML, Java, PERL, SQL, and C++ files among others, and will add several options to the contextual menu that opens when you right-click on a file.

Gizmo Central includes an option to customize the interface by using themes, the Theme Manager, but there is no way to change anything there. However, you can change the toolbar theme by using the Toolbar Setup. This program updates itself over the Internet automatically. It is possible to obtain quicker upgrades if you donate.

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